Dying my hair….

As a few people know my hair has gone from brown to blonde to brown to reddish, in most recent times purple and red.

And finally ginger!!! Now back in march I got my mum (because I am lazy) to box dye my hair. I took a risk as usually my hairdresser friend would do it. With my natural hair being so dark it is a risk trying to lighten my hair up….

The first time round this is what happened…..

BEFORE                                                      AFTER

Eden-20140321-01676        Eden-20140322-01691
Preston-20140911-02685 So both the times I did this I used this. L’oreal Paris, Feria. The         shade 74 Mango Intense Copper  which is £5.49 but it is on offer for £1 cheaper!!! Plus at superdrug right now there is triple points on most things…. hence I thought perfect timing.

Now on the side of the box it does state my hair will not come out the colour on the box which I am aware with, that would mean a lot of bleaching of my hair.

I try to minimize hair dying to try and keep my hair as healthy as I can without bleaching.



















Bearing in mind my hair is very dark on the roots this works very well!!!

Overall I am very pleased but next time I might leave it on a bit longer





Thanks to Jess for dying it!  Pro housemate!!

See you all soon.



Devon 2014

20th Birthday AKA Tea Party Time

I am gonna try keep the text down on this post and show you some photos of the tea party I hosted a couple of weeks ago for my 20th birthday. Scones, Tea and Pimms a good combination we all ended up very full!!!IMG_0135





















See you all soon



20th Birthday Presents

Heres my most recent Youtube video, showing what I got for my 20th Birthday, I just missed one out some perfume…..


Another Make-up transformation

Now I have never ever said I am a makeup expert. Everything I do I have learnt from other people.

I very much love colour, to be honest I dont wear a lot of make-up day to day just because my skin is very spot prone.

I am confident enough in my own skin to walk out without makeup but sometime I think it help “enhance” certain features such as eyes, lips and shape.

So starting from (the bottom, bad joke) base. No makeup NOTHINGGGGG!!



So underneath is showing the fully finished look. Somehow I managed to fix the fringe from the first picture.



So starting with the base on my make up…. I always use Witch Skin Clearing Primer (£6.99). This primer is good for oily and combination skin.

To cover dark circles and spots I use a slightly darker concealer but I blend it out. I use Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99).

On days that I want lighter coverage I use a BB Cream, the one I have is Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream  (£7.99), (plus this is specifically for oily skin) but for this look to last all day I went for a heavier coverage to cover my spots (even tho in the long run it isnt a good thing to do) I usually use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in ivory. The Powder I use is Maybelline- Fit Me 125 (£5.99) to apply this I use the powder brush from my Fraulein 38 Brush Set (About £12 when I purchased), I got this from amazon.


Yes I know my face looks uneven, I am spotty the list goes on but I just felt like saying this is realist, I am not trying to make myself look perfect. But I accept myself for what I am.

From amazon is also from Fraulein 38. This is the 183 colour eyeshadow, highlight, Blush and bronze palette (About £12?). Using the dark brown colour(In the contour kit), I use a smaller brush from the above kit to fill in my eyebrows, and a colour that matches my skin to highlight around. Using a contoured brush apply the bronzed brown to the contours of your cheeks, small amounts to either side of the temple and nose. Using the white powder contrasting the bronzer on the tops of the cheeks middle of nose and middle temple apply small amounts using blush brush. Finally using the purple/pink in the palette apply this to the apple of the cheeks.

Using a metallic purple for the base on the eyes and blue for the contouring of eyes. Now for the eyeliner yet again maybelline until  now I didn’t think I had this much of an obsession. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black Eyeliner (£7.99). I was going for a cat sorta style.

Nowww lippyyy a lovely bright colour which compliments the purple pink punch in the Color Sensational range (£6.99).

If I knew the mascara I would tell you but this is as much as I know….. it is white and I got a free in some posh mag. But let me tell you it is pretty amazing stuff!!!!!


See you soon



Afternoon Tea At The Waiting Room…

Vintage Reflection

afternoon_tea_05afternoon_tea_07afternoon_tea_13Oh boy,  I do love a bit of afternoon tea and this was a good-en! As a little treat my sweet toothed friend Jermaine booked this afternoon tea for us. We’ve been to a number of different styled afternoon tea but this one was by far my favorite. It was so vintage and kitsch!

afternoon_tea_06afternoon_tea_01Plus the food was yummy, we had a pot of Russian Earl Grey tea to share. Then we tucked into our beautifully laid out cake stand starting with sandwiches of egg mayo and cranberry with cream cheese, I’m not usually an egg mayo or cream cheese kind of girl but these were very nice. We then went on to our favorites, the scones!  Not only were they super soft and fluffy but I loved the extra touch of using shot glasses for the clotted cream and jam. To finish off we had a brownie square each, I…

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Laura returns to the internet world. Shopping haul!!!

I have been away for a significant amount of time.

Wow this interface has changed.

But here it goes a new camera, editing software and a replaced hard drive.

To test the new camera out I thought I would show you some of my summer purchases


This outfit is from new look. The crop top coming to £12.99 and the jeans £24.99. I have found the jeans are very comfortable and durable providing extra support around the stomach.
Just to lighten things up a bit heres a silly face.
Skort- Primark- £7
Kimono- Primark- £15
Crop Top- Forever 21- £5



Jump suit – Primark – £12


Dress- Yes you guessed it primark (this should have been a primark haul) – £10


And last but not least this very cute comfortable playsuit – Primark (Shocker) – £10

See you all soonn!!!

I made a new video eventually…………. I’ve now decided to do a youtube series. Consisting of 1 take videos after all my computer issues. I’ve come to it that it doesn’t matter anymore.  So after being through a couple of break ups I decided to give my view on them and how I deal with them.

Not saying this is how it goes just how I deal with it.


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