Running 1, Laura 0

Looking out of the window discovering sunshine…….


Today, I dug out those gym shoes and decided YES! today’s the day I run.

Now I don’t hate exercise, i’m an avid fan of biking to the point of last year I was doing about 100 miles a week on my bike on top of schooling and working a part-time job (mostly doing housekeeping). During last year I moved away to study, taking the bike with me. So every time I come home I’m left with a dilemma. Do I try and get into running for 2 weeks or just accept it and give myself 2 weeks off?

Not being deterred this time. I got into my new gym gear I got for Christmas, which I got in a phase of “I need to get back into this as I’ve stopped doing as much since starting university”.  All kitted up ready with my headphones blaring with music. Staring out down the street, feeling the all mighty lump in my throat coming back from just remembering previous attempts.


Getting to 1 km and the phone saying “1 km in 7 minutes”. In my head I was saying “surely I’ve done more than that i’m tired”. Running up a hill and at that moment I think why? I can bike, I can go to the gym and this is so hard…. the days before seeing those Marathon runners 26 miles and i’m struggling to do 3. Doing this takes me back to the days when I was younger. My dad ex-childhood runner,  tries to relive it in his kids. “Come on sprints today, 800 meters and just one more push.”  The day that I gave it  up felt amazing, now, now I wish all those years I’d maybe kept it up. Feels like I’ve done a marathon.  Getting back red faced, out of breath and sweaty. Just the cue for a post exercise “selfie”.



Overall my rating for running 5/10
Good at burning  calories in short spaces of time.
Very high impact on hips/ankles/legs/knees.
If you are not fit warning breathing control is not a strong point.

My goal is to try and run at a steady pace for 30 mins with no breaks. Until I try that again a bit of low impact, high cardio cross-trainer will be back and in combo with my secret weapon the “wii fit” . Something I believe is very underrated.

Anyone got any good running advice or general tips? I’d love to hear them. All of what I write is from personal experience, I am not a professional these are my opinions.

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